Extension Programmes

Platinum - Year 12 & 13

Pehu Platinum is a learning and mentoring programme to facilitate maximum educational outcomes for Year 13 students. 

One purpose of Platinum is to concentrate into a single programme a number of strands of best practice in the senior school.  Another is to extend students in order to lift their credit endorsement grades and/or pursue scholarship in subjects of their choice, thus positioning them significantly better for university or polytech. 

This very successful group continues on Wednesdays after school in 2016 in the library.  It is exciting to see students stretch their abilities with help from teachers.  These students have set goals to improve their achievement levels and are seriously striving to achieve them.  The positive buzz in the library is great.  The shared afternoon tea is a nice way to lead into the afternoon's activities.

Palladium - Year 11

This group meets on Tuesdays in the library.  The group started in 2012 in response to student demand.  As with all groups a wee snack is provided and then it is down to self-directed study or learning.  Teachers are available for one to one or group tuition.  While initially aimed at those students who wanted to 'aim for excellence' the group has opened up to any student who wants to succeed and could use the extra help available.As part of the 'improving learning' focus within the school, all year 11 students will have, by the end of the year, the advantage of a study skills module called Successful Learning to help develop learning strategies for study and revision.  These skills can be used at Palladium, for revision and to learn new material.

Iridium - Year 9 & 10

This involves sessions focused on extending students' abilities to problem solve and think creatively.  Practical and interactive, these sessions are fun for teachers and students alike.  It is such a pleasure to see and hear the engagement of the students.  As the term progresses, students will begin to focus on subject related material in order to complete the Australian Schools Competitions.  This group meets from 3.10 - 4.30pm in the Library every second Thursday.  Letters are sent home at the beginning of the year to parents of the students who are part of this group, with more details. 

Junior Extension Programme

This programme provides extension opportunites that cover the whole curriculum such as "The Ugly Shakespeare Theatre Company", motviational speakers and trips out of school to places of high interest. The programme also offers opportunities for students to visit both Victoria and Massey Universities to provide them with a focus for their future.