Senior and Junior Information

Remember: Make your own choices 

  • What are you interested in?

  • What are you good at?

  • What do you enjoy?

  • If you know what you want to do/study when you leave school - what subjects do they suggest?

Guide to Subject Selection

The College Curriculum Handbook is available as a full document or under 'Senior Classes' showing each Department's subjects.  These are in PDF format so cannot be filled in on-line but can be printed.

Go to “Senior Classes”, choose the Department the subject/option would be part of eg, level 2 NCEA Mathematics will be in the Mathematics area. Open that folder and access the course you need from there. Each page should open in a separate window for you, if it doesn’t  you might need to arrow back to go back to the front page. 

Each course also has information related to the Vocational Pathways indicated (the coloured boxes). This is best explained by going to the youth guarantee website  extensive information about this government iniatitive is there. Students could go to the profile builder  section of the website and see how this works and how they will be able to keep track of their credits and the Vocational Pathway the courses they are choosing may lead them.  

One way of checking this out is to try putting on 90849 (which is an English Achievement Standard) in theSearch for and add your Assessment Standards to build your Vocational Profile” area then “add” this standard and you will see it appears in every vocational pathway.

If you then click on any of the vocational pathway bars you will see a list of employment opportunities related to that  pathway. If you click onto any of those occupations listed it will take you to information about that job on the careers nz website. If you are interested in a particular career or job you could also go onto the careers nz website Click here  and type in a job title eg. “plumber” and hit the search button and as if by magic a host of information about the education, training and job prospects for that occupation will appear. 

The subject selection forms are PDF’s, they can be printed, completed and returned to the office.