Dear Parents/Caregivers

I am pleased to be able to offer your child a place at Waiopehu College in 2023.  Our Prospectus is a brief outline of what our school has to offer.  To really appreciate the extent of the exciting new learning programmes, attractive environment and the modern facilities we enjoy I would urge you to visit us.  Simply phone the College office on 368 8303 and request an appointment with a senior staff member.  Should you be able to visit during school hours you will be able to feel the vibrancy and unique atmosphere of the College.

I am proud of our enthusiastic, supportive staff and superb facilities, and am confident that your child will experience a stimulating and enjoyable education at Waiopehu College.

Once we receive your enrolment an acknowledgement will be sent.  Early enrolment on your part assists us greatly with our planning for 2023.

I invite you to join us and look forward to getting to know you in the years ahead.

Yours sincerely

Mark Robinson